Syed Abidi highlights importance of Digitalisation, Automation

Karachi Port Trust GM Administration Brigadier Tariq Bashir gives away a souvenir to Syed Abidi after his presentation at KPT Staff Academy

LAHORE: Syed Abid, renowned educationist and counsellor, recently visited Karachi Port Trust (KPT) on the invitation of KPT management.

In a presentation on the occasion, Syed Abidi emphasised on the importance of career counselling and provided in depth information on the emerging and innovative subjects and degrees that are now being offered at different universities in Pakistan and abroad. He said that the youth should thoroughly explore their career opportunities and ensure that they choose the degrees and specialisations that are aligned to the rapidly changing commercial and industrial workplace requirements where only rightly qualified graduates will find job opportunities.

Syed Abidi highlighted the importance of digitalisation, automation and the use of computers in daily life where one must equip himself with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in professional life. He said almost all areas including Engineering, Health, Information Technology and Management Sciences have now a number of sub specialisations, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic which has created several new niche areas that will develop several new job portfolios and titles that the youth should look at when choosing their specialisms.

To conclude his presentation, he explained thoroughly the process of scholarships and getting funding from international institutions and universities across the world and how students can apply from their own laptops/ computers with easy-to-understand step by step guidance. He assured the students that if they work hard and excel in their studies; there are hundreds of scholarships of different types that they can apply each year in different countries.

Syed Abidi also addressed a gathering of senior KPT officers and delivered a talk on self-motivational skills, providing the participants a firsthand experience of how to succeed in a corporate environment. Using true stories where people succeeded through such motivation, hard work and dedication, he suggested ways and means to improve efficiency of work, quality of life and achieve respective goals through teamwork. The KPT management highly appreciated the talks given by Syed Abidi and the time he took out to travel to Karachi for this purpose. The sessions were held at Karachi Port Trust Staff Academy. Brigadier Tariq Bashir, General Manager Administration Karachi Port Trust (KPT), thanked Syed Abidi and gave away souvenirs at the end of the presentations.

Syed Abidi

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