Counselling Q&A | The News | 07-Mar-2022

Q1). I am studying at Bahauddin Zakariya University’s sub campus in Sahiwal in MBA 4th semester and in our next semester we have to choose our specialization, the university is providing us with the option for two specializations and those are marketing and finance. Please guide which one is best and have good scope in the field. (Khalid Abbas, Sahiwal)

Ans: If you are gregarious and social person with ability to make friends, marketing is a great choice. However, if you are good at mathematics and numbers then I would recommend you to look at finance.

Q2). My younger brother got 75% marks in FSC (Pre-Engineering) and I wish for him to get admission in some affordable private Engineering Institution. Please let me know which subject he should opt in engineering? (Zahid Qureshi- Lahore)

Ans: Private engineering universities in Pakistan are all costly, but in case of public sector universities, they are affordable and economical. However, one has to clear the entry exams and I would like you to get in touch with these universities directly to find more details. The subjects in demand in the engineering areas are Mechatronics and Software Development. I hope this information will benefit you.

Q3). I am student of BS (hons) English Literature and currently in 8th semester. I do not know what I should do next. Either I should go for MPhil or I should do LLB. Please guide me about this further. (Zayed Khan – Peshawar)

Ans: If you desire to choose a profession in education, which is teaching English then you should prepare for MSC or MPhil in English Literature that will benefit you in improving your career. However, if you are planning to do Law then you need to go through the professional LLB degree and I cannot advise you till the time I meet you at some point.

Q4). I am doing my BSCS from Islamabad. I want to know the future of this degree in Pakistan and abroad and for successful career what can I do after completing BS. (Yasir Ali- Islamabad)

Ans: The Computer science can be utilized in many ways and has an expanded usage in many fields. If a BSCS is toped up with one-year masters in Internet Security or Networking that will further boost your opportunities locally and abroad. In Pakistan all masters are 2 years but if you wish we can provide you information on one year master courses in the UK.

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