Counselling Q&A | The News | 14-Mar-2022

Q1).  I am a student of B-Tech and my question is that after completing my B-tech degree, can I do MBA from any university in Karachi? I will be waiting for your response. (Sana Zia- Karachi)

Ans: What I am certain is that many universities in Karachi will consider your admission application for MBA after you complete your 4 years B-tech program. However, I will not advise you to go for an MBA until unless you have gained sufficient experience in your particular field and you understand the basics of working in an industry.

Q2). I did diploma in Chemical Technology and got 72% marks and now I want to become an engineer but I am confused whether to proceed for it or not. Initially I was interested in computer technology but due to my financial constraints I could not adopt that discipline therefore my uncle suggested me to apply for chemical engineering diploma and I did it but now I am completely confused about my future please guide me towards the right direction. (Safder Saeed- Karachi)

Ans: As you have completed a diploma in chemical Technology with good percentage, I would advise you to look for a job within this domain and earn some experience before switching a career, however, if a job is not available, at least try for a paid or unpaid internship in the relative industry to understand the basics of your specialty and I am sure you will find opportunities.

Q3). My son is currently preparing himself to attempt O-Levels exams privately and he is a student of science group (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Studies, Urdu Second Language, Pakistan-studies, English Language, Islamiyat and Math’s). We want him to attempt exams in three different attempts i.e., May 2022, October 2022 and in May 2023. I want your expert advice that how we shall divide his subjects for these three attempts. I would be pleased if you would reply me as soon possible. (Shahid Latif- Faisalabad)

Ans: For attempting the subjects mentioned above, a discussion is required with your son and evaluate his preparedness. Normally students select subjects such as Urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan studies in one year and take the technical subjects the second year as preparing the science subjects together always helps but really, it’s a decision the student can make looking at the nature of his current study levels. I hope this helps.

Q4). I have done BS in Statistics from Federal Urdu University, year 2019. I have been working as Statistician (Medical Research Analyst) for more than two years. I want to take admission in MPhil program and due to full time job, I can’t get admission in MPhil at Karachi University. I am also interested in MSc “Epidemiology & Biostatistics” (it is equivalent to Mphil after submission of thesis) from ‘Agha Khan’. Which one is better for me MPhil in ‘Statistics’ or MSc in ‘Biostatistics’? (Muhammad Bashir- Karachi)

Ans: Proceeding for MPhil means, you will be doing a PhD and then choosing teaching as profession, which is also a good option. However Medical statisticians or health statisticians are highly in demand and very rightly these are expensive courses but at the end of the day your job prospects would be better. The choice is yours.

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