Counselling Q&A | The News | 21-Feb-2022

Q1). I am studying in International Islamic University, Islamabad. I am in 5th semester of BS Electronics Engineering and my so far CGPA is 3.8. I want to pursue my further education in this field. I want to know for my specialization which subject should I choose. My options are Power, Instrumentation, Robotics or Computer. (Zafar Iqbal – Islamabad)

Ans: Your GPA maintenance is very good. Instrumentation and control systems should be your primary priority followed by Mechatronics where you can opt for either Bio Medical equipment, which use robotics or use of chip technology in the area of medical sciences this will replace the orthodox equipment very soon.

Q2). My son has done F.Sc with 81.5%. In matriculation, he secured 92% marks. He’s quite interested to do Aerospace Engineering. Kindly guide us regarding this and also about the other options for my son that can be helpful for him in future. (Javed Khan – Peshawar)

Ans:  It is not recommended for your son to do Aerospace Engineering. Especially if you are interested in sending him abroad, but if he is very interested in doing aerospace then he can look at a number of institutions in Islamabad that offer degrees in this area such as NUST and Air University.

Q3). I am in 6th semester of my BBA and now I have to choose my elective subjects. I am interested to choose HR but my family is advising me to go for Supply Chain Management. Please guide me which one should I choose? (Alina Mughal – Lahore)

Ans: HR is vital and ideal subject especially when related to females. However, it does engage you with a little bit of labor and man power community. The next option recommended by your parents SCM could also be a good career option. Choice is really yours.

Q4).).  I am an electrical engineer and working in a leading Oil and Gas Company as trainee engineer. The core of this industry is Petroleum engineering and I want to work as a petroleum engineer. Please suggest me that if I do Masters in this area then will I fit somewhere good in this field? (Latif Mazhar – Lahore)

Ans: Many courses are available that will provide you with more choices / options within the Oil and Gas Industry and you can surely do Masters in any of the specialization available. However, if you can gain more than 3 years of experience and do a good IELTS of 6.5 or above than you could look at doing an MBA in Oil and Gas offered by different International Universities which will open up huge prospects for you in future.

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