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Q1). I am student of BBA (hons). In future I want to do Masters and PHD in Supply Chain Management. Please guide me is this a worthy specialization to pursue and does it have any demand in the field? (Taha Khan – Peshawar)

Ans: The Supply chain management is in good demand and also in relative area of expertise. UK has a one year masters in supply chain management following a four years bachelor’s degree in at least a high second class. Having done your masters in SCM I would suggest you work for few years before deciding to research on a relative topic.

Q2). I did my BSC with double Math’s and Physics. Please advise me that further which field would be better for me and recommend the one which have good scope. (Zahid Ali – Lahore)

Ans: The combination of your subjects gives an understanding that you are proficient in mathematics and physics, and to pursue an ideal career path, software engineering with internet or web security options are good. Alternatively you would also look at telecommunication and mobile engineering which require good knowledge of mathematics and physics both and therefore we expect that you would make a good career in the above.

Q3). I am doing BCS (Bachelor’s of Computer Science). I want to ask you that out of three options which specialization I should choose further, Networking, Web Designing or Software? (Abdul Rab – Karachi)

Ans: Networking is requisite in the field of study you choose however, you may also take into consideration the study of internet security and web crime where you need to learn about development of software that protect financial institutions, banks and leasing companies making this profession in one of the leading areas of expertise.

Q4). My son has completed his MBA in Marketing. Earlier he did his BBA from HITEC University Taxila and his HSC with pre-engineering subjects from Federal Board. Unfortunately we do not visualize much of the scope in this domain and market is flooded. Therefore he is interested to change his career to software development or networking. Could you please suggest how he could achieve this in minimum possible time? Further, if there could be anything else you are requested to propose for his better future. (Khawar Munir – Islamabad)

Ans: It is highly recommended that once he completes his MBA he should find a job and start looking for other options & opportunities that are available in the MIS (Management Information System) which requires IT skills to handle management issues. Having worked for a little while he will definitely gain some understanding of the most in demand areas nearest to his expertise following which he can go for his masters in the relative area.

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