June 27, 2022

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What parents need to know and what schools should do to help!

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By Syed Abidi (TI) Education Expert & Career Counsellor I had the opportunity of participating in an event last Saturday organized by a well known group of schools at their branch in Lahore. They have introduced IB (international Baccalaureate) system recently and are now an […]

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Innovative and professional degrees required to combat daily life issues

New degree areas connected to the demand of the market and the professionalism required will open up new prospects for our next generations, says Syed Abidi LAHORE: A key factor that contributes to the success and development of a country’s economy is connected largely to […]

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Counselling Q&A | The News | 17-Jan-2022

Q1: Respected Mr Abidi, I am an engineering student currently studying A levels and I have completed my AS level 1st year with 2A, 1B. Sir, I have a question which is confusing me and I needed your special advice on that. Please guide me […]

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