Pakistan has great potential in transnational education: Canadian envoy

ISLAMABAD: Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi, a renowned educationist and education analyst, spoke to new Canadian High Commissioner in Pakistan Perry John Calderwood with special emphasis on education. Below is an extract of the interview highlighting important areas. Q: I understand this is your first posting in Asia, particularly South Asia in your diplomatic career. Keeping […]


Syed Abidi highlights students’ mobility trends

LAHORE: Acclaimed Pakistani education consultant and career counsellor, Syed Abidi, gave a detailed presentation on “Student Market Landscape—South Asia” at an international higher education workshop held in Seville, Spain, the other day. The session attracted around 200 participants from different countries of the world. In his presentation, Syed Abidi discussed in detail market potential with […]


About Syed Abidi

Syed Abidi is the chartered engineer by profession and has worked in the industry for more than 15 years in Pakistan and abroad. As an educationist he has more than 25 years of experience in career counseling, education management, training of counselors and teachers at different levels. Syed Abidi is the pioneer in providing education counseling […]


Curbing the menace of drugs in Schools and Universities

Understanding issues, roles, responsibilities important Today drug addiction is one of the pervasive problems that almost all the countries have faced in the world, including Pakistan. The consequences of such addiction, abuse and trafficking especially among the youth and young people can be devastating as they are the most vulnerable on hard drugs and this< […]


Meeting The Challenges of 2020

Counseling the young generation towards emerging subject areas and new study destinations I have been constantly writing in my columns the importance of career counseling and advising my young generation to understand that they need to prepare themselves for the rapidly changing global market requirements. The children of today who are leaving their high schools […]


Impact of Global Terrorism on Student Mobility From Pakistan

How incidents like 9/11, 7/7, Paris attacks & California shootings have changed the dynamics for genuine students At present approximately 5.0 million students worldwide study outside of their home countries. A number that a recent report suggests will increase to eight million by 2025. Many nations have become interested in student flow across borders in […]


Axact Scandal – Proper Regulation & Licensing Would Have Avoided The Loot

Much has been said & commented since the day Axact Scandal emerged on Media. Experts, Educationists & Journalists all have given their analysis leading & focusing on one point agenda that this incident at such a huge scale was led to carry on & effect upon so many people for so many years without being noticed. All agree that Axact was […]